Phloem – Martina Dunman – Vocals&Lyrics
Cheops – Klaus Trippl – Music&Production


I just want the listeners to be able to feel my dreams…‘ says Phloem with a rascal grin ‘…white doves, black sizzling plasma-flows, an almost endless seeming galaxy… and: a mountain-spirit eating its favorite icecream during rush hour on time-square – hahaha! ‘.

PHLOEM – singer, rapper & dj and CHEOPS – multi-instrumentalist and producer – both strongly influenced by 90’s TripHop/Rock/Electronic music – entered the studio for the first time in early 2015 – ‘…our styles clicked right away: deep, strong, dark AND beautiful! – just the way we both envisioned it!

Each of the tracks has it´s unique flair! That´s probably because of their somewhat eclectic ways of production: ‘We just … let it happen! – like in a brainstorming session – record whatever comes to mind – and take it from there… so it never feels like work… but more like being inspired constantly and playing with each others ideas!

We simply love dark music and spend every free minute making it – as far as our busy lives allow that to happen!


The CHEOPSMUSIC Debut E.P. ‘PARADISE IN A JAR’ (release in Dec.2016) inspires an unforeseen longing in us – containing 4 songs – machine built down tempo monuments, full blooded but fragile melancholic vocals, evoking stunning images of the innermost human conditions, our hopes and fears, our major setbacks and greatest joys… DARK YET BEAUTIFUL!



lyricist, rapper (a.k.a. Xylem), Dj (a.k.a. DJ YoMomma) and singer – makes music amongst other art (fashion design, street art, …) – lived in Oakland & Vancouver – did shows in London UK | Vancouver CA | Los Angeles US | San Francisco US | Seattle US | Paris FR | Vienna AT | Nuernberg DE | Guadalajara MX | Prague CZ

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musician, audio engineer & producer – plays/played guitar, bass guitar, drums & electronic instruments in various formations (Desert Rain, The Cosmo Underdog, Planetary Geartrain, Superior Wasteland, Frank Grimez Jr …)

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